Antiviruses do not protect computers from hacker attacks – Group IB

Credit: Nataliya Seliverstova | RIAN

Antivirus software cannot protect computers from hackers: 86% of computers that were infected and connected to botnets – a network that unites hacked devices – had antivirus software, said Andrei Busargin, head of the innovative brand and intellectual property protection department at Group-IB software company, at the Go Global Summit on May 15.

Busargin sad that the powerful Carberp botnet has recently infected 1.5 million computers, and most of them had antiviruses. The expert added that cyber criminals do not need to develop hacker software, they can purchase it.

“Hackers can purchase software to manage a botnet and take advantage of all vulnerabilities. These programs have a user-friendly interface, and they provide full control over computers,” Busargin explained.

According to Busargin, hackers currently have vast opportunities and they are not involved in terrorist attacks only because there are no ‘customers’ yet.

“Hackers are not financially interested in terrorist attacks. But if there is someone who is ready to pay, we will see falling planes and derailed trains,” the expert said.

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