Moscow state property watchdog buys a robotic dog

Putin defends Central Bank’s tight policy

Russians to pay four new taxes

Coronavirus is here to stay — Virologist Anatoly Altstein

Electricity bills to rise 30% by 2050

Economist predicts further weakening of the ruble

Scammers increasingly use robots to deceive their victims

Russian caviar prices reach all-time high

NFTs drive blockchain investment

Business views NFT as a new communication channel

Central Bank aims for digital monetary reform

China threatened by stagflation

Russian customers warm up to plant-based meat

Squid Game merch breaks records

Belarus increases secret exports by 700%

The world threatened by ‘digital Luddites’

Central Bank moves to clamp down on card-to-card transfers

Moscow ranked with the world’s top five cities

Russia announces three electric car projects

Fraudsters take online loans for unsuspecting Russians

Russia prepares to diagnose Nipah Virus

Digital tipping skyrockets as new payment platforms emerge

College in Voronezh Region hires a robot teacher

Russia considers launching charter trains for migrants

Russia zeroes taxes on Kuril Islands

NEET: The generation fearing offices and company parties

Eugeny Biyatov | RIAN

Head of Mordovia: We are making every effort to attract investors to the region

The Republic of Mordovia is waiting for investors: the region, located one hour’s flight from the Russian capital, is ready …

2022 digital healthcare trends

Digital transformation of the Russian healthcare industry will continue in 2022. What solutions will be particularly sought after? The pandemic …

Digitalization of holidays

Successive waves of Covid-19 create risks of local and global Lockdowns again. Coronavirus strain Omikron detected at the start of …

Why open source has made technology more than an IT conversation

I feel so grateful to have a career in technology, a career in which change is the constant and it …

Crypto regulators of the world, unite!

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued a call for a coordinated global policy framework on cryptocurrency and uniform standards. …

Gleb Kostarev: NFT is the trend of 2021

Binance is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges with trading volumes measuring tens of billions of dollars. We have …

Pavel Medvedev: “You will not envy central banks”

Mihail Voskresenskiy | RIAN

2022 to be year of financial marketplaces

Just like in chemistry there are reactive chemicals that can accelerate or slow down a reaction, there are events in …

Data storage in financial sector: New trends

A considerable amount of information technology expenses go for data storage and analysis, which is necessary for ensuring high standards …

Are small airports the way to go?

Utair CEO Andrei Martirosov suggested going back from mega airports to smaller “doors to the runway.” But would that be …

What 2022 holds in store for restaurants

The pandemic-related restrictions have dealt a major blow to the restaurant industry. Public caterers’ cash returns dropped by nearly 100% …

Emilia Molimpakis: Our intention is to become the gold standard of cognitive assessment globally

— Could you please tell me a couple of words about how you met Dr. Stefano Goria? — Stefano and …

Anthropomorphic gadgets become a thing

Marc Teyssier, Sorbonne graduate, interaction designer and researcher, Principal Investigator of Resilient Futures Group at the Da Vinci Innovation Center …

Personal income tax 2% up in Russia

A new investment boom in the blockchain market

3D printing stocks: Time to buy?