Russia may switch to four-day work week in 15 years

Taxes may exceed 50% of people’s incomes

Chisinau airport acquired by Rothschild family

Soyuz spacecraft ready to be launched

Helicopter transfers available to MAKS-2019 air show

Russians to pay with their fingerprints

Russian company launches satellite image sales

Russian-French trade balance is levelling out

Russia’s biggest debtors

Russian drone escorts a fighter jet

Robot to install camera traps in Altai forests

Move over, millennial: Who needs fintech products?

Foreign currency deposits spike in Russia

Rebirth of private currencies

Time machine in your smartphone

Video-based navigation for drones and lawn mowers

TrinamiX joins FIDO

Russian imports to Azerbaijan up by 29%

Russia plans second innovation hub in the Urals

Smartphone app analyses speech patterns

Foreign money may support Russian AI

Russians do not have enough money to buy meat

Moscow’s creativity index below London’s and New York’s

It appears that the Russian capital still falls behind other leading megalopolises in terms of the level of its creative …

Sergei Aleksashenko: Using imitation foods worsens the quality of life

August 6 marks five years since Russia imposed counter-sanctions in response to Western sanctions, banning the import of agricultural products …

Unmanned taxis make 800 rides at Skolkovo

Self-driving taxis have performed a total of 800 trips at the Skolkovo innovations center during the year, with no accidents …

“Psycho-portrait” technology lends hand to HR

A Moscow-based company called MindScore has come up with a new service that enables one’s psychological assessment and helps HR …

Stolen coins may infiltrate global cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrency theft is currently a major threat for the global digital currency market. Cryptocurrency exchanges are taking efforts to tackle …

Russia may legalize cryptocurrencies in September

The State Duma, the Russian parliament’s lower house, has admitted that the discussion of the digital financial assets bill, which …

AI bot to sell loans

Ziax developed an AI-powered voice bot that can reduce call center costs by at least 50%. Ziax voice bot can …

Russians will be banned from adding money to e-wallets anonymously

Yandex.Money, QIWI, WebMoney, PayPal and VK Pay clients will now be required to pass identification before depositing money with their …

The high-flyers: Industries drones will benefit the most

The global commercial market for unmanned services is in for rapid growth – it is likely to exceed $63 bln …

Megatrends: 2019 energy sector drivers

Not long ago, Capgemini analytical company released its annual review of global energy markets. The research detected growing energy consumption …

Trimmed in 900 seconds: Kazan express hair salons take over the world

Seven years ago, engineer Ilnaz Nabiullin quit his job at one of Russia’s largest chemical groups of companies to open …

Sea cucumbers instead of Botox

At all times, people dream of prolonging youth and supporting natural beauty. Olga Trofimova, creator of the first Far Eastern …