Solid-state LIDAR systems for autonomous vehicles

Robotics competition in Adelaide

Quantum computers could arrive sooner

Russia will not take out foreign loans in dollars

US Alcon to launch intraocular lens production in Russia

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Sberbank makes considerable investment in AI

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Affordable mortgage is fraught with crisis

Finance Ministry announces different pension tax system

Gazprom to supply to the world’s most dynamic market

Oil price will not grow – Tyumen Region governor

Indian company to operate coal mine in Russia’s Kamchatka

Are we at risk of another global economic crisis?

“Crisis” is a phase of the economic cycle. The US tried to use “recession” instead to avoid unnecessary panic among …

“We have been living in a global crisis since 2008”

The world has experienced several crises over the past decades: the so-called Black Monday in 1987 and the Asian crisis …

Solution for CO2 refrigeration

Two new South Australian technologies have combined to create what researchers claim to be the world’s most efficient air-cooled carbon …

Lars Hartmann, Aruba Sales Director: Smart parking makes a smart city

Cities are growing smarter by the minute, turning into testing grounds where IT developers break in their new technologies. Lars …

Global corporations enter crypto industry

Year 2019 has every chance to become the most important year in the relatively short history of the block chain and …

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Will planes run on gas and electricity?

Robots to issue loans to Russians

By the end of 2020, robots will be issuing all loans at Sberbank. They will analyze risks, including whether loans …

Move over, millennial: Who needs fintech products?

It is generally believed that banks and corporations primarily develop fintech products for young advanced users. However, the number of …

Eastern Europe to curb emissions by 30% by 2030

Mayors of 413 Eastern European cities signed an agreement to reduce hazardous emissions by 30% by 2030, according to Maria …

Economics Ministry experts look ahead into 2050

Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development has made a forecast for the Russian economy until the year 2050. The ministry officials …

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Online classes are steadily gaining popularity. One can remotely and conveniently take any class that would boost their skills in …

Time machine in your smartphone

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