Stock growth and drop leaders in 2020

US Oil and Gas Rigs in Operation Drop By 60% Amid Pandemic

Banks restrict lending

Buying crypto safely

New space startup cluster launched

Global leaders in video surveillance

Global economy to see new recession

Reigniting growth is major challenge for Russia

Russia’s 2020 medical exports

New mobile radars for regional aviation

AVTOVAZ launches Niva Travel SUV

A seismic shift: The empowerment of retail investors

Russia’s prospects for good macroeconomic development

OnlineDoctor expands operations

Russia’s GDP performance to be less adverse

Growing Moscow-made lighting equipment exports

Companies looking to expand in Russia should get good deals

Baku-Russia toll highway construction continues

KAMA-1 electric car presentation

Smart safety helmets tested

Cause for Russia’s slow economic recovery

Methane-busting seaweed farms to start production

Russian goods to compete on world markets

LUKOIL invests in Montanuniversität Leoben

Moscow’s anti-coronavirus projects win Runet prize

Artificial Intelligence opens up new horizons

Digital transformation-driven cybersecurity considerations

Disinfection frame to combat COVID-19


We value every partner — President

“The main factor that determined the global economic dynamics this year is the novel coronavirus pandemic. We can see the …

Shaping post-pandemic world

“The coronavirus swept across the globe in a matter of months. It has tested the global political and economic frameworks …

Prima, stealth aircraft detector

Russia’s Rosoboronexport weaponry exporter has started promoting the P-18-2 Prima high-mobility 2D surveillance and acquisition radar, developed and manufactured by …

Russian Helicopters’ operation in Indonesia

Russia’s Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (U-UAP) launches Mi-8/171 type helicopter test operation program, which is aimed to assess all advantages of …

Bitcoin to grow tenfold?

Bitcoin has grown by 250% within past seven months and, according to experts, the growth is likely to continue but …

Cryptobank to appear in Russia

Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev has decided to launch a cryptocurrency bank in decentralized finance (DeFi bank). Last year, he sold …

AACSB: Digital learning environment offers unique opportunities


Central Bank halved inflation

The forecast offered by Russia’s Central Bank regarding the 2020 inflation rate in the country has been criticized by economist …
Said Tsarnaev / RIAN

Sovereign default in Russia

Russian government has admitted that one of the entities of the federation, the Republic of Ingushetia, is now bankrupt. Ingushetia’s …

Russian economy may resume growth?

A serious recession of the Russian economy at the end of the year is forecasted by the Bank of Russia. …

High counterfeiting risks on Black Friday

Online retail is facing an intensified counterfeiting threat this year in the run-up to the holiday season, says a study …

Energy-IoT startup raises capital for expansion

Austria’s Hydrogrid is preparing for its expansion to other European markets. For this reason, it raised a seven-digit euro sum …

Agriculture moves downtown

Multi-storey residential developments, low-rise neighborhoods, summer cottages, roads, and stores are mushrooming everywhere, quickly expanding to take the place of …

Personal income tax 2% up in Russia


Power of Siberia expands its capacities?

Maxim Blinov / RIAN

Sber to become the sole shareholder of Cetelem Bank