Pandemic caused 840-billion losses for Russian households

Russian military technologies at Interpolitex 2020

8 bln worth casino opens in Russia’s Far East

Leading player in Italian economic diplomacy in Russia

Energy-IoT startup raises capital for expansion

New funding for space traffic radar

Sber to become the sole shareholder of Cetelem Bank

Russians get rid of their businesses

CBDC prospects in Russia

ALROSA’s diamond production up 22-fold

Global economy to explode this month

Extreme poverty in Russia

Swifts to demonstrate group and single aerobatics

Tourism Oscar for Moscow

Earnings keep declining in Russia

Minister admits dramatic economic drop

Preventing quantum computers from crashing

Electric vehicles’ boom in Europe

Banking sector to see many bankruptcies

Russians avoid going to public places

Cryptobank to appear in Russia

Haval to localize its manufacturing in Russia

Italy, Russia to substantiate economic dialogue

Are plug-in hybrid cars worse for environment?

Porsche offers individualized design

Russia’s banking apocalypse

Personal income tax 2% up in Russia

Moscow leaves Brussels, Paris and Tokyo behind

Moscow ranks 56th in the Smart City Index ranking by the IMD Swiss business school. This year Moscow moved up …

Investment crisis looms over Russia

Further to all the previous hardships, Russian economy is now confronted by an investment crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic …

Strong demand for Russian-made armored vehicles

Over 20 years of its trade in the international arms market, Russia’s Rosoboronexport weaponry exporter has supplied over 3,000 tanks …
Image courtesy NASA.

NASA, Australia develop technology for moon missions

A deal between NASA and the Adelaide-based SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre could lead to emergency beacon technology developed in South …

The dollar’s fall sends the bitcoin up – experts

The bitcoin has appreciated on the back of the dollar’s weakening. This opinion is supported by various experts who note …

Bitcoin bull market is back

After the short-lived tens of thousands of dollars in early June, bitcoin recently showed a trend of consolidation. Many people …

AACSB: Leading the way for transformative societal change

Credit: AACSB

Russian employers hire workers for less money

Sberbank’s SberIndex lab has analyzed the Russian labor market in August and is sure that it keeps rebounding as the …

The US dollar is still the centre of gravity

In our Q2 outlook, written in the heat of the worst portion of the market panic in March, I wrote …
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Cascade of bankruptcies to hit Russia

Increasing numbers of Russian individuals and entities may start going bankrupt as early as this month, businessman Dmitry Potapenko believes. …

Right time to buy cryptocurrencies

Over just a few days, the value of cryptocurrencies went down by two-digit percentage, yet analysts believe the decline will …

Irina Kalashnikova: We have over 6K startups in our database

According to the study by the Barometer project, each of the 30 largest Russian corporations in terms of revenue from …

Additive 5D from Russia

3D printing has long been used in industry. Wider applications of this technology, in turn, require the development of more …

Ban on facial recognition in stores, banks, restaurants, etc.

Russia to restrict bitcoin transactions

Maxim Blinov / RIAN

2GIS and Sberbank close their deal

A new class of apartment buyers