Experts warn of global food crisis

Oil production drops due to sanctions

The expert said when the crisis could end

Expert explains growth in personal loans

Turkey launches airline for Russians

Putin to redirect gas exports eastward

Russia will reorganize logistics in six months

Investor explains grain and sugar export ban

Russia’s next boom industries according to expert

Russian banks estimate impact of sanctions

MIPT introduced a blockchain-based voting system

Russia successfully completes first digital ruble transfers

Financial consultant explains growth of micro lending

Banks will tighten control over client money transfers

Russian travel agencies launch COVID vaccination packages

Moscow restaurants empty due to Omicron

Wheat farming profitability down by half

Oil could hit record highs

Economic crisis could peak in 2022 — expert

Experts caution Russians about using USB drives

US sanctions can hit Russian bank clients

Cybershopping: new crisis and its impact on marketplaces

Marketplaces have experienced a major boost in the past couple of years, one catalyst being the pandemic. The Russian online …

Businesses that put operations on hold may be accused of deliberate bankruptcy

Some 100 foreign companies have publicly announced that they are halting businesses in Russia. Among them are Apple, IKEA, Inditex …

Russian biopolymers will support the economy and protect the environment

As the world changes, we are seeing unprecedented disruptions in supply chains, foreign brands are pulling out of Russia and …

Tech-driven tourist industry reset

Russian tourist industry is facing extreme challenges: geopolitical instability, weak ruble, restricted air travel, foreign currency transactions and bank card …

What is the hype around Shiba Inu token?

Recently, an unnamed major investor made an over $1 mio Shiba Inu coin purchase. This is not the first case …

Mining has become even more unecologic

After the Chinese authorities in 2021 introduced a ban on cryptocurrency mining in the country, including due to its lack …

Private economic investigator helps resolve tax disputes

Relations with the Federal Tax Service (FTS) is one of the most complex aspects of doing business in Russia. Entrepreneurs …

Banks and digital transformation: priority areas

According to the results of the FG Finam study, the digital transformation of business and the state facing protracted pandemic …

What kind of warehouses will retailers need in 2022?

In 2020–2021, e-commerce was largely driving demand for warehouse space. According to consultants, it accounted for 937,000 sq. m, or …
Alexey Vitvivitsky / RIAN

Inflation in the US and its implications

There is a growing possibility that the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates several times this year in a …

How agricultural waste cleans our planet

It often happens that breakthrough technologies emerge at the nexus of several scientific areas. The story of Biomicrogels Group is one …

“Russian startups won’t do without state support”

Infrastructure for startups is not just a building full of residents. Water dispensers, ping-pong tables and cafeterias are all important …