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How green energy will change the agricultural sector

One of the most important components of the “green revolution,” slowly but surely happening in world energy, is the growing …

OPEC + countries have not agreed. Oil quotes set a course for $100?

Again OPEC + gave a surprise. OPEC + members tried for four days last week to agree on a further …

Personalized medicine: 3D printed drugs and QR codes

In many industries, the market is striving to offer customers personalized goods and services in response to the growing demand …

Cows can help get rid of plastic

Recycling plastic remains one of the most pressing issues around the world. Some 6.3 bln tons of plastic were produced …

China and bitcoin

The Chinese media recently reported the country was tightening control over cryptocurrency exchanges and bitcoin mining. That statement sent the …

Digital divide and privacy: Does blockchain create new risks?

The distributed ledger technology initially meant to provide financial inclusion for everyone and expand access to financial services. But China …

Scammers raise their game — Igor Kostikov

Mikhail Voskresensky / RIAN

Russia needs a payment service regulator

The Russian payments market is in need of reform, or at least a restructuring of payment service providers. The current …

Minting Money: The Curious Case of the Liberty Dollar

One of the most interesting private money experiments in recent years is the Liberty Dollar, a private mint that operated …

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Will Children Read in Today’s World?

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What happened to startups over last year

The fourth issue of the Startup Barometer, an annual market survey of tech entrepreneurship in Russia organized by venture investor …

Developing DeepTech in the post-pandemic world

Over the past few years, the interest in the DeepTech sector (that is, innovative companies engaged in providing solutions based …

Personal income tax 2% up in Russia

Vladimir Pestnya / RIAN

A hunt to rope more investors

Fine wine investment app launches in Russia