Russia considers blogger tax

Roskomnadzor slowed down Twitter

Economist predicts a rebound of the ruble

Russian cities with best-value real estate

Central Bank may allow tokenizing rubles

Tax service to monitor Russians’ purchases

Russian commercial landlords lost $1.9 billion in 2020

Wikium brain fitness platform attracts investment

Stock growth and drop leaders in 2020

US Oil and Gas Rigs in Operation Drop By 60% Amid Pandemic

Banks restrict lending

New space startup cluster launched

Global leaders in video surveillance

New mobile radars for regional aviation

AVTOVAZ launches Niva Travel SUV

Russia’s prospects for good macroeconomic development

OnlineDoctor expands operations

Growing Moscow-made lighting equipment exports

Baku-Russia toll highway construction continues

KAMA-1 electric car presentation

Smart safety helmets tested

Russian goods to compete on world markets

Moscow’s anti-coronavirus projects win Runet prize

Artificial Intelligence opens up new horizons

Anton Sviridenko: Islets of efficiency will not raise the economy

Why Russia’s lag behind the global average growth rate is growing, and what are the main shortcomings of Russian economic …

Institute for Economic Development in Orenburg: Goals and prospects

The first thing that the Orenburg Region Development Corporation did was make an inventory of the local investment opportunities. We …

Defense industry against COVID-19

Diversification has acquired a completely new meaning since the pandemic. Russian defense experts immediately joined the battle against the novel …

Giorgio Tinacci: Technology can simplify real estate transactions

Giorgio Tinacci graduated in International Management at Bocconi and Honk Kong University of Science and Technology in 2015. He joined …

A Day in the Life of a Perpetual Swaps CEO in a Very Volatile Crypto World

The cryptocurrency market can be strenuous at the best of times. It’s the stock market, but infused with far more …

Bitcoin: what’s next for this new asset?

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency has reached a new mind-boggling high in 2021, crossing $48K (about RUR 3.5 mio) on …

Alexander Stotsky: “The Arctic is space on Earth”

What to invest in 2021

Ivan Kladov, co-founder of the investment company Aravana Capital Management, shared his expert assessment of the prospects for the financial …
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The future of Russian Fintech

With the rapid penetration of technology into all spheres of life, from ordering food at home and calling a taxi …

How can shopping malls survive?

Shopping and entertainment centers are losing ground to online retail. What will be the new fishers or men, the centers …

Strengthening of Russian securities

The stock market decline of the first months of 2008 seemed to many experts to portend nothing bad. The stock …

Eat sneakers and ask for supplements

One boy was presented with sneakers (sport shoes) for his birthday. He ate them. He didn’t even leave laces. And …

Look into the kaleidoscope and see the future

Probably, many of us may recall how in childhood they looked at the kaleidoscope and were surprised at the variety …