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Central Bank halved inflation

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Russians get rid of their businesses

Entrepreneurs in Russia have started selling out unprofitable businesses which is evidenced by a hike in offers of functioning businesses …

Russia’s Far East offers foreign investors best conditions in the Asia-Pacific Region

The Republic of Korea is among Russia’s key trade and economic partners with bilateral trade approaching the milestone of $25 …

Moscow technology parks come up with innovations in healthcare

Residents of Moscow technology parks have created two new medical innovations (a membrane to restore cartilage tissue in joints and …

Preventing quantum computers from crashing

Qubits, the carriers of quantum information, are prone to errors induced by undesired environmental interactions. These errors accumulate during a …

Cryptobank to appear in Russia

Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev has decided to launch a cryptocurrency bank in decentralized finance (DeFi bank). Last year, he sold …

The dollar’s fall sends the bitcoin up – experts

The bitcoin has appreciated on the back of the dollar’s weakening. This opinion is supported by various experts who note …

Leading player in Italian economic diplomacy in Russia


CBDC prospects in Russia

Digital financial technologies usage is expanding in Russia and globally. Cashless payments are becoming more common every day. In these …

Italy, Russia to substantiate economic dialogue

Trade between Russia and Italy has dropped by 24.8% due to COVID pandemic with Italian exports to Russia falling by …

Recession in Russia is likely to be less severe

Central and Eastern Europe’s economies will contract somewhat less severely than previously expected this year, but output will return to …

Global economy to explode this month

Over the past few days, tensions have been growing globally. By the end of October, stock market may explode, Russian …

Agriculture moves downtown

Multi-storey residential developments, low-rise neighborhoods, summer cottages, roads, and stores are mushrooming everywhere, quickly expanding to take the place of …

Irina Kalashnikova: We have over 6K startups in our database

According to the study by the Barometer project, each of the 30 largest Russian corporations in terms of revenue from …

Personal income tax 2% up in Russia

Ban on facial recognition in stores, banks, restaurants, etc.


Haval to localize its manufacturing in Russia

Maxim Blinov / RIAN

Sberbank to invest in Fort Ross Seed Fund

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