Aeroflot to review pet policy

Investment crisis looms over Russia

Strong demand for Russian-made armored vehicles

Europe anticipates increased investments

Gazprom exports 12% up

Proofs of life on Venus

Alcohol consumption down in Russia

Cascade of bankruptcies to hit Russia

Car fuel prices are too high and may further double

Sberbank to invest in Fort Ross Seed Fund

Ban on facial recognition in stores, banks, restaurants, etc.

NASA, Australia develop technology for moon missions

Right time to buy cryptocurrencies

Moscow invests in noiseless, eco-friendly trams

Russia to restrict bitcoin transactions

Russians prefer treating their pets remotely

Electric luxury SUV to be built in Austria

London taxis in Azerbaijan

Russians to save money for higher education

Law on digital assets and its faults

Gazprom to face major problems — expert

Business missions for Moscow exporters

Anonymous LLC demand accelerates in the information age

Demonstration of combat capabilities of Russian weapons

Russia has overcome all the main problems — President

Competitive personalities gain more

Army-2020 Forum has kicked off in Russia

2GIS and Sberbank close their deal

Russian oil company expands into German airports

Vladimir Trefilov / RIAN

Negative investment speeding up in Russia

Last month, according to Russia’s Central Bank, private capital outflow reached $6 bln having grown by over 50% between January …

Restaurants to be prohibited from imposing service charges

The Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection plans to introduce new regulation for catering services. Restaurants will be prohibited from …

Software to fight COVID-19

The Viennese startup Contextflow, which develops software for radiologists on the basis of AI, is combating COVID-19 with new features, …

Data protection: Tasks and challenges

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The dollar’s fall sends the bitcoin up – experts

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Bitcoin bull market is back

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The US dollar is still the centre of gravity

In our Q2 outlook, written in the heat of the worst portion of the market panic in March, I wrote …

Life after lockdown: When will companies return to offices?

Despite the increase in the number of COVID-19 patients across the world, the daily number of confirmed cases in Russia …

Global demand for cars to shrink by 20%

The global auto market is headed for a 15–20% slump in 2020, with sales in Western Europe among the worst …

What the knowledge worker of 2030 will do

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Irina Kalashnikova: We have over 6K startups in our database

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Additive 5D from Russia

3D printing has long been used in industry. Wider applications of this technology, in turn, require the development of more …