Russians bought 95 metric tons of physical gold in 2023

Russia is ready to switch to barter

Another 17 banks will join the digital ruble pilot project

Putin makes statement on inflation

Marketplaces reduce the popularity of cash

National Wealth Fund closes euro holdings

Demand for housing in Moscow fell sharply in January

Artem Genkin explains how Russia is overcoming sanctions

Russia-China trade reaches balance

Ministry of Economy revised GDP growth

Putin allowed Rosbank to buy assets of a French bank

Duties on egg imports will be zeroed in Russia

Unexpected growth for Russians’ foreign-currency deposits

Russia to enter a period of stagnation in 2024 – ACRA

Bankers name most popular deposits

Bank of Russia promises to dampen inflation to 7.5%

Russia to have 5 mio surveillance cameras by 2030

Russia may introduce a fee for smartphones

Russia approves temporary ban on durum wheat exports

Egg prices surged in November – here’s why

Russian banks plan to attract long-term household funds

The State Duma approved the budget for 2024-2026

Analyst explains booming manufacturing activity in Russia

Russians refuse cash

Russia’s trade with Africa has grown sharply

Prices for “secondary” real estate increased in Russia

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