Belarus increases secret exports by 700%

The world threatened by ‘digital Luddites’

Central Bank moves to clamp down on card-to-card transfers

Moscow ranked with the world’s top five cities

Russia announces three electric car projects

Fraudsters take online loans for unsuspecting Russians

Russia prepares to diagnose Nipah Virus

Digital tipping skyrockets as new payment platforms emerge

College in Voronezh Region hires a robot teacher

Russia considers launching charter trains for migrants

Russia zeroes taxes on Kuril Islands

NEET: The generation fearing offices and company parties

Number of pensioners plummets at record pace in Russia

Central Bank warns about overheated housing market

Economists predict faster GDP growth for Russia

Vaccination tops Russians’ most common phobias list

“Technoprom — 2021”

Economist predicts new global crisis

Russian real estate starts to go down in price

Russians return to foreign resorts

Russians start buying push-button mobiles again

Moscow’s most expensive apartment hits $50 mio

Russia tries to attract Chinese crypto miners

Bitcoin mining becomes easier and more profitable


Children’s stores are disappearing?

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Machine — readable law: the future in the present

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Is China outlawing cryptocurrencies?

Last Friday’s news made everybody’s day. China declared that all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal, Bloomberg wrote citing the local regulator’s …

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Alexander Kryazhev / RIAN

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Personal price offer as main point of growth

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Anthropomorphic gadgets become a thing

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Personal income tax 2% up in Russia