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Russia may introduce basic income guarantee

Russia may soon introduce basic income guarantee, according to the forecast voiced by Presidential Aide Sergei Glazyev who spoke at …

More sanctions ahead for Russia

The West is set to keep tightening sanctions against Russia; they are going to be endless, Alexander Murychev, executive vice-president …

Robots to replace stenographers in court

Russian judges will soon get robot assistants who will replace live stenographers and transcribe court hearings in real time. The …

Indian Railways unveils country’s first engine-less train

In order to provide faster trains, Indian Railways have launched its new engine-less self-propelled train set, named Train 18. The …

H.E. Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr: We are creating the world’s first blockchain city – Dubai

Dubai announced in October 2016 a strategy by which its government will be the first in the world to implement …

Blockchain cities: Present and future

Vitaly Bednarsky, Head of Analytics Department, BlackBall agency The world is on the verge of a new era marked by transition …

Scope Ratings highlights key risks for Russia in 2019

A major European credit rating agency Scope Ratings GmbH (part of the Scope Group) has released its Sovereign Outlook 2019: …

Scope released 2019 covered bond outlook

According to the recently released bond outlook, after years of stagnation, economic momentum and stable credit quality should push the …

2019 oil and gas outlook

Scope Ratings has released its oil and gas outlook for the coming year, having analyzed performance of major international oil …

Chatbots and sophisticated fake news are main trends of 2019

Telenor (Norway) named seven main trends in the world of technology for 2019. They include smart fakes created using machine learning, …

Shoplifting and terrorist threats to be curbed by Portuguese startup

According to Ricardo Santos, cofounder and СЕО of Heptasense, in the near future there will be less shoplifting, traffic jams, …

Cheboksary company to build innovative hub in Dubai

In 2019, the Cheboksary company Teplorium will build an energy efficient glass innovative hub for Expo 2020 Dubai. As Teplorium …

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