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Why businesses need microbloggers

Russian YouTube and Instagram bloggers made RUR 11 bln ($150 mio) last year, making bigger advertising profits than print media. …

Alexander Ausan: “We have an excess of high-quality human capital”

State-of-the-art technologies that become more complex with immense speed entail complication of laws and regulations governing them. Therefore, one should …

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The Russian media is discussing interesting, however local, news: smartphone-controlled elevators are being installed in Moscow’s new buildings. The first …

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Over 50 higher education providers in Russia train Robotics and Mechatronics specialists. The labor market shows high demand for robotics …

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NFTs saw a surge in popularity last spring, when a painting by digital artist Beeple was sold at a record …

China and bitcoin

The Chinese media recently reported the country was tightening control over cryptocurrency exchanges and bitcoin mining. That statement sent the …

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It has always been difficult to develop a long-term tax structure for an IT company, but in the past couple …

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Russia’s GDP in January-June 2021 grew by 4.6% compared to the same period last year, according to the Ministry of …

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Retail development trends and hypotheses are so diverse now it baffles one to pick the most important ones. Still, we …

The endless American deficit

The United States is risking a debt default; most media outlets ran the news in July citing alarming statements made …

Anthropomorphic gadgets become a thing

Marc Teyssier, Sorbonne graduate, interaction designer and researcher, Principal Investigator of Resilient Futures Group at the Da Vinci Innovation Center …

What happened to startups over last year

The fourth issue of the Startup Barometer, an annual market survey of tech entrepreneurship in Russia organized by venture investor …

Personal income tax 2% up in Russia