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Nikita Isayev: The two-percent economic growth is a lie

Chairman of the Audit Chamber Alexei Kudrin released a forecast in late May, according to which Russia’s GDP in 2019 …

Igor Devyatko: Investors are offered all platforms

Across Russia, there are now investment agencies that are intended to be a one-stop-shop for investors coming to Russian regions. …

3D printer to print high-rise buildings

The Vertical Printing Technology (VPT) startup has invented a method of using 3D printers in multi-story construction. Unlike current technologies …

Russian fleet to receive innovative supersteel

Russia’s Prometey Central Scientific Research Institute of Structural Materials has achieved a global technology breakthrough, says its general director Alexei …

Bitcoin rally: Smart growth, not speculation

Even crypto enthusiasts were overwhelmed by Bitcoin’s rapid growth of the last two months, after being clearly undervalued for half …

Dmitry Marinichev: The economy of robots begins to take shape in the world

Bitcoin, which declined continuously all the way through 2018, unexpectedly surged in April. The world’s largest cryptocurrency shot straight through …

The bank of the future

To remain competitive in a rapidly changing world, a bank must put the customer first and rethink its IT strategy …

The rise and fall of life insurance in Russia

The First Russian Conference on Life Insurance met on Monday May 27 to recognize an unpleasant fact: the rapid insurance …

Artificial intelligence will turn the world into Orwell State – expert

Artificial intelligence can transform reality into something described by George Orwell in his books, Andrei Yurov, board member of the …

Oil could lose 95% of its value by 2050 – expert

Oil and gas stocks could lose 95% of their value by 2050, while coal is likely to be completely phased …

Business idea: Free search for best deals

After earning a degree in company management from the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH) in 2006, pursuing a …

MTS accelerator receives applications from 1,500 startups

The Startup Hub corporate accelerator of the MTS cellular company has received 1,500 applications from startups from Russia and 15 foreign …

Digital economy to receive $6 trln before 2021

Russia boosts food exports