Duties on egg imports will be zeroed in Russia

Government subcommittee on customs and tariff and non-tariff regulation supported the idea of nullifying duties on the import of eggs on period from January 1 to June 30, 2024. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Economy. Now the amount of import duty is 15% of the cost of eggs.

Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture launched ideas to nullify duties. The benefit would be provided to those suppliers that will confirm the intended purpose of the imported products. As the Ministry of Economy notes, measures should help in the short term “balance the domestic market” of eggs. The initiative was already supported by Eurasian Economic Commission. Cancellation of duties will affect imports from friendly countries in the amount of 1.2 billion eggs.

The Ministry of Agriculture reported that the first deliveries of chicken eggs from Azerbaijan to Russia are expected in the near future, as well as suppliers from Turkey are ready to provide Russia with eggs in full.

“Perhaps this measure will reduce prices, and reduce the deficit, but how will it affect the domestic manufacturer? Will short-term benefit result in long-term problems?” – economist, associate professor of RANEPA Sergey Khestanov argues.

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