Authorities want to take control of tickets for cultural events

The Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Digital Development and other relevant government agencies should develop and implement six projects in the field of digital transformation of the cultural industry. Among them is the creation of the GOSBILET service, which will aggregate information about all tickets sold in the Russian Federation. This, according to the authorities, should solve the problem of fake tickets and speculators. Market participants consider the initiative useful, but doubt the possibility of its practical implementation.

Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

By order of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on December 17, the document “Strategic Directions in the Field of Digital Transformation of the Russian Culture Industry until 2030” was adopted. The Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Digital Industry, specialized regional government agencies, ANO “Digital Economy” and others are responsible for its implementation.

The document stipulates six projects that should help achieve “a high level of digital maturity in the interaction of visitors and cultural institutions.” This is, for example, the creation of a single reader’s ticket for all libraries, digital profiles of visitors and cultural institutions, as well as a typical cloud solution for a single poster and ticket field of a particular region. Promotion of events should take place using the touring organization module (“Touring Exchange”). All projects are implemented on the Gostech platform.

It is also planned to create the GOSBILET service to take into account and analyze all tickets purchased for cultural events in the country. It is designed to save viewers from fakes and overpricing by speculators, as well as speed up the process of returning a ticket. The “roadmap” of the service says that it will represent “a single digital environment of trust for all participants in the ticket market of the cultural industry.” The ticket refund should take place electronically, and information about the change in the status of the ticket should be updated in real time.

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