Army-2020 Forum has kicked off in Russia

Army-2020 International Military and Technical Forum is being held between August 23 and 29 nearby Moscow at the Patriot park, Alabino training ground and Kubinka airfield. Some demonstration shows will also be held at the Ashuluk training ground in Astrakhan Region. The forum includes a static exhibition, business and scientific exhibition programs, as well as formal and entertainment events. On the opening day, the Forum was visited by over 630 Russian and over 120 foreign reporters.


The Forum is to stimulate the innovative development of Russia’s military-industrial complex, the activities of talented researchers, and to strengthen cooperation with industrial enterprises and organizations.

This year, Army-2020 is held in an expanded format with some events taking place in 17 cities and seven localities on the territory of nine entities of the Russian Federation, on 36 thematic platforms.

A static exposition of aviation equipment will be presented at Kubinka airfield, including 60 samples of aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. The exhibition will include tactical aircraft (Su-35s, Su-30sm, Su-34, Su-25sm3, Su24m, MiG-31bm, MiG-35, MiG-29smt), long-range aviation (Tu-160, Tu- 95ms, Tu-22m3, Il-78), military transport aviation (Il-76md-90a, An-148, An-72), training aviation (Yak-130, L-410, DA-42t), army aviation helicopters (Ka-52, Mi-28n, Mi-35m, Mi-38, Mi-25p, Mi-26, Mi-8), UAVs for various purposes. In addition, the exposition will include the Il-38n aircraft and the Ka-27m helicopter of the naval aviation of the Russian Navy, the Extra-350, Corvette, L-29, SM-2000p, Yak-52, MiG-15uti, and Piper aircraft of the Air Force club.

Concurrently, Warrior of Peace International Army Games-2020 contest and its various events are taking place in other locations around Russia as well.

Safe Route international competition was launched at the training ground of the 210th Interregional Training Center for Engineering Troops in Nizhny Novgorod Region. More than 60 units of various engineering equipment, armored personnel carriers BTR-82A, heavy mechanized bridges TMM-3M2, engineering barrage vehicles IMR-2 and bulldozers, more than 100 military personnel, as well as military aviation will be involved in the competition.

At the Yeisk training ground of the Russian Air Forces nearby Azov Sea, the Clear Sky competition was launched as part of the International Army Games-2020.

Masters of Armored Vehicles competition was held in Voronezh Region where about 3500 spectators watched an interactive show with a light-graphic presentation of the teams participating in the sixth international competition of military drivers and specialists of car repair workshops.

Best scouts from 10 countries took part in the opening ceremony of the International Army Games in Novosibirsk while Engineering Formula international competition kicked off at Volzhsky training ground in Volgograd Region (Southern Military District).

Most advanced mobile electronic warfare Tirada anti-satellite system will be presented for the first time in Yekaterinburg. As part of the cluster of electronic warfare equipment, other modern weapons will be presented as well, including Pole-21 radio suppression system to protect strategic objects from cruise missiles, attack drones and guided aerial bombs, Murmansk-BN ground mobile radio interference complex, Krasukha-S4 jamming station, and Leer-3 complex based on Orlan-10 UAV, which provides reconnaissance and hidden radio suppression of the enemy’s mobile subscriber terminals.

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