Authorities call for monitoring children’s content during lockdown

Russia’s Federal Supervision Service for Consumer Protection and Welfare is urging parents to watch the quality of digital content for children, in a notice on the watchdog’s official website.

Experts believe that children today are the largest (22.6 mio) and most active in terms of media consumption part of society. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the media content children consume.

Children under six should spend as much time with their families as possible, playing with their parents, moving, doing сrafts, learning about the environment and the world and making small discoveries every day.

Online time should be measured out for small children, according to Stanislav Rublev, President of the Rublev Family federal event network.

“Children of pre-school age (over six) and schoolchildren are a different story. They can actually learn new things using digital products. Our company’s online product targets this age group specifically,” the entrepreneur noted. “During self-isolation, children need to keep learning. They can look for sources of knowledge themselves, accompanied by parents or using parent control. The demand for digital services is growing every day, along with the supply. New products enter the market daily. For example, during lockdown kindergartens and child care remain highly popular in the online mode. Children communicate with their teachers via video conference and can create art, learn letters and numbers, sing and dance. Children continue to socialize and participate in interactive quests with other kids and share their impression of the games they play.”

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