Bespectacled cows produce more milk

The 6th International Agricultural Dairy Forum, which opened in Krasnogorsk today, will focus on a variety of topics relevant to the development of the industry, including the use of IT in animal farming.

Russian agribusinesses are ready to put some high-tech and extremely unexpected solutions on the market. For example, RusMoloko, a large dairy producer in the Ramensky municipal district, is testing a prototype virtual reality glasses for cows.

The company is not disclosing the Russian-made gadget’s secrets. All we know is that their VR glasses are adapted for cattle – they hold perfectly on their horned heads and broadcast a simulation of a summer field. Tests have shown that the sight of green shrubs, grass and flowers has a soothing effect on cows.

Dairy farms use a variety of techniques to increase milk yield and reduce animal anxiety: they play classical music to cows during milking, massage and scratch them with special automated brushes, and allow them to walk freely. All these efforts favorably affect their health, and improve the milk quality and yield. Perhaps dairy farming would be a good application for VR glasses, too.

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