Chatbots and sophisticated fake news are main trends of 2019

Telenor (Norway) named seven main trends in the world of technology for 2019. They include smart fakes created using machine learning, and AI ethics. 

The first technology trend is the so-called ‘deepfakes,’ or sophisticated fakes. The company’s analytics suggest that in 2019, fakes will be created using Artificial Intelligence. Fake news will be difficult to tell apart from real news. The election campaigns in India and the United States will be the two main triggers of the new kind of fake.

Another important trend is ethics for Artificial Intelligence. Countries will begin creating codes of ethics for AI.

The third trend is 5G. The fifth generation of communications will be launched in many countries, RBC reports. The Internet of Things was also included in the top seven. According to experts, concepts will be replaced by large-scale commercial products.

The fifth technology trend is chatbots. They will become available in every household and will be controlled by voice.

The next important trend is smart applications that can track devices’ operation time so that users can finally understand how much time they spend looking at the screen.

Finally, the last trend is technology becoming increasingly green. Mobile technology will allow people to be more conscious about consumption.

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