Crossovers are safer than hatchbacks

Crossover cars are 6% safer than hatchbacks and sedans, a survey by AvtoSpetsTsentr dealership says (survey available at Invest Foresight).

In May, company experts held a survey among 430 clients to learn which cars are the safest for passengers with children. The top five includes the Mazda 3 (2008), Volkswagen Golf SV (2011), the hatchback BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (2017), as well as Volkswagen Touran (2007) and Volkswagen Golf (2006).

One of the most important safety features for cars is electronics: a system designed to warn the driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane, the blind spot detection system, a system that detects pedestrians in the dark, and cruise control. According to the respondents, these systems make the car safe for children, but usually only luxury cars are fitted with them. The standard features are the ABS system, electronic stability program and the traction control system.

AvtoSpetsTsentr experts also found out that over 60% of drivers pay attention to safety features when purchasing a new car. At the same time, 84.5% of drivers want to have airbags, both on the front and back seats. Some 50% of car buyers are also interested in installing a child safety seat in their car.

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