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Experts deny possibility of tenfold upsurge in taxi fares

Credit: Natalia Seliverstova | RIAN

The draft law that prohibits migrant workers from taking a taxi driver job and introduces a compulsory eight-hour working day will not lead to an abrupt taxi fare increase, director of the independent nonprofit organization Taxi International Eurasian Forum Dina Goryacheva said on August 12.

The bill, which toughens regulation of taxi services, was developed by the State Duma Committee on Transport and Construction. The proposed innovations include, among others, introducing compulsory city knowledge certification for drivers and a compulsory eight-hour working day. In addition, the document envisages banning foreign citizens who have driving permits issued outside Russia from taking a taxi driver job. Such changes could result in a tenfold increase in taxi fares, some experts say.

However, according to Dina Goryacheva, no such critical upsurge will occur upon adoption of the draft law.

“Russian clients have already got accustomed to a certain level of taxi service and its availability,” she noted.

Goryacheva added that taxi fares will not increase as in case this happens taxi drivers will start losing customers.

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