Experts explained the interest of Russians in yuan

Banks offer to open deposits in yuan and introduce storage fees for the accounts in “traditional currencies” – dollars and euros. Such facts are reported by BFM.

Alexander Demyanchuk / RIA Novosti

As noted by the chief analyst of Bogdan Zvarich, the interest of Russians in saving in the yuan is explained by the fact that it is a fairly liquid currency, in particular, it can be easily bought on the Moscow Exchange.

The growth of sanctions risks for non-cash currency, coupled with a ban on the supply of Russia of cash dollars and euros are naturally making liabilities in these currencies extremely unattractive for banks,  economist, associate professor of RANEPA Sergey Khestanov emphasizes.

Interest in the yuan, on the contrary, is growing,” the expert notes. – “I wonder how soon UnionPay yuan cards are coming? They will be used abroad without problems.”

We recall that UnionPay is an international payment system created by the Chinese authorities.

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