How construction companies ensure the safety of employees at their facilities

The issue of control and safety during the construction of country houses is very important for construction companies. Their non-compliance and the violation may result in injuries or accidents to workers on construction sites. Experts of the Dachnyj Sezon told about how to ensure the safety of employees at the construction stages of country houses.

Causes and factors of injuries

Civil engineering, in particular the construction of country houses, is a dangerous area of activity. It is builders who are more exposed to risks when working on objects. The main possible threats to workers in this profession are:

1.  Careless handling of construction workers with working tools and non-compliance with safety measures when working with a hammer, puncher and drill which, among other things, cause small construction debris and dust to get into the employee’s eyes and may cause an accident on the construction site.

Tip (!) In order to avoid injury to employees, the construction company should carefully monitor the briefing before starting work and implement proper control over the construction process.

2. Weather conditions which are most often underestimated by builders. For example, working at low temperatures can cause various illnesses or frostbite in personnel.

Tip (!) In order to protect construction workers during sudden temperature changes, it is important to make sure that they have protective clothing that meets the weather conditions

3. Large amount of dust water generated during work inside the building can cause respiratory diseases, and vapors of various chemical solvents, paint and glue can cause dizziness and even poisoning.

Tip (!) Before starting work in the room, it must be equipped with proper ventilation and heating systems.

4. Heavy materials and long structural elements during construction, houses that are moved manually can cause serious injuries.

Tip (!) The use of specialized mechanisms and devices for moving loads, such as a forklift, hydraulic trolley and hoist, will help to preserve the health of construction workers and reduce the risk of injury at the site. Also, the construction company should provide an additional safety zone in advance at the places where materials and structures are unloaded and moved.

Workplace safety practices

In order to prevent accidents on the construction site and protect the health of its employees, the first thing that the management of a construction company should do is — conduct a mandatory safety briefing. The employer is forbidden to allow employees to work without the latter’s signature on passing the briefing in a special journal. The second important point is — compliance standards for the organization of a construction site. It is important for the employer to set up separate places on the site for material storage facilities and transit routes, zones for garbage collection. In addition, it is important to take care of where the builders will live. For example, taking care of its employees, Dacha Season Insurance Company provides the customer with free cabins for construction workers, which the company is confident in the quality of.

Except for cabins, withconstruction companies need to provide for their workers and high-quality workwear that takes into account different temperature modes of operation, and individual protective equipment (helmet, glasses, headphones, gloves, mask, etc.), as well as special shoes with metal inserts.

In poorly ventilated areas, the employer should provide for purchasing for construction workers respirators for employees working at heights, mounting belts and tool belts will become indispensable personal protective equipment.

By the way, if the team works independently, providing protective equipment is a matter for the builders themselves. This is what distinguishes the work of employees in brigades and construction companies. The latter necessarily guarantee safety in the workplace.

In the current conditions, keeping a good builder on staff is not an easy task, but we are doing everything possible for this, and from the point of view of safety in the first place. At the moment, the company has more than 200 employees, 75% of whom have been working with us for more than 7 years. And we can really be proud of this indicator”, says Timur Dasaev, Creative director of the Dachnyj Sezon.

Safety precautions when moving on staircases and high-rise objects

To ensure the safety of the construction worker when moving (going up or down) for structures at height, it is necessary to take special precautions. Before starting to work at a height of 1.8 meters, the representative of the construction company should make sure that the staircase structure is not damaged. It is clean and dry for any loose, worn, or other damaged areas. By the way, it is important to note that in rainy or wet weather, the use of metal stairs is prohibited.

If the country house under construction consists of several floors, then, if possible, you should choose lifts and lifting platforms for workers. They are safer and more stable than stairs, which sometimes have to be balanced to maintain balance. In addition, security signs, warning belts, fences, etc. must be installed. If you can not do without using a ladder when erecting a house, then you should choose one that will be at least a meter higher than the upper point of support.

Compliance with the rules and tips noted by experts will help the builder to be more vigilant when choosing an employer, and the construction company-to increase the level of safety of its employees at sites, preserving their health, because despite the fact that The Ministry of Construction notes reducing by 2.5 times the number of accidents on construction sites in 2022, the industry remains one of the most traumatic.

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