Investment in confectionery business grows in Western Siberia

The West Siberian Tyumen Region, which never was a major supplier of candy in the Soviet era, will soon build a fourth confectionery plant.

Homemade candy with chocolate , nuts and dried strawberry on a black table

The new facility will emerge on the grounds of the Borovsky industrial park near Tyumen. The local developer ARS-Trade will invest RUR 43.9 mio ($670,000) in the project, which is expected to create 20 jobs.

The new resident of Borovsky plans to begin production next year with 10 tons of candy per month at the first phase, and to triple its capacity in 2021. Among other products, the investor wants to make dried fruit, nut, and sunflower seed candy.

The region’s two other candy plants – in Yalutorovsk and Ishim – are boosting production and expanding product range. The Ishim facility was even included in the list of priority regional investment projects in agriculture.

According to the Confectionery Market Research Center, on average, every Russian ate 26.5 kilos of candy, chocolate, cookies, marmalade, marshmallow, and pastries in 2018. Whereas the weight gain is modest compared to 2017, consumer spending in this segment went up 5%, with the rise in confectionery prices of just 1%.

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