Moscow Metro to receive RUR 2 trln

The rampant growth of the Moscow Metro needs financing: up to RUR 2 trln ($31 bln) will be allocated for the construction of new metro lines between 2011-2024.

In the next three years, RUR 700 bln ($11 bln) will be allocated to the development of the metro. The money will be spent on the construction of new lines, stations and train maintenance facilities. Plans call for extending the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya, Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya and Sokolnicheskaya lines. New metro stations will appear in Troitsk and Vnukovo, RIAMO news agency reports.

Interestingly, many projects that were included in the initial plan have become more expensive. For instance, the construction of the Kozhukhovskaya Line now requires some RUR 60 bln more than expected. Construction costs were also affected by increased salaries of metro workers and the growing VAT.

70 new stations will be built at the Moscow Metro in the upcoming 7 years. In all, some 185 km of metro lines will appear in Moscow before 2027.

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