Naval shipbuilding requires advanced technologies


As presidential web page reports, Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the Defense Ministry and Russian Navy chief commanders in Sevastopol.

“The Navy has always been and remains a key component of ensuring national defense and security. In the 21st century, Russia’s status as one of the world’s leading seafaring nations must be enhanced,” he said. “In the near future, modern weapons and equipment will account for 70% of all weapons in the Navy.”

According to the President, “In the past ten years the quality of and approaches to designing and building ships around the world have changed significantly. Today, reducing construction times and cutting costs for naval equipment is possible only if advanced technology and processes, including 3D modelling and modular method of shipbuilding, are used throughout the entire construction cycle and also if the weapons and the basic equipment are unified and up-to-date shipbuilding capacity is available.”

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