NFT protects nature

Binance NFT, the NFT marketplace of the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem Binance, has launched a new series of non-fungible tokens (NFT) based on drawings by popular Soviet and Russian cartoonist Yury Aratovsky. This new series, Cleaning up nature, includes six cartoons, is devoted to environmental issues. The captions are translated into English.

Yury Aratovsky’s works as a book illustrator and designer were first published in the early 1970s. Soviet author Mikhail Sholokhov, Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, sent a note of thanks to Aratovsky for designing his Tales from the Don. Aratovsky’s graphics are now part of private collections in Moscow, Paris, Cologne, and Washington.

The cartoons used for the NFTs now on offer at the Binance marketplace have been previously published as illustrations in the Invest Foresight business magazine ( Invest Foresight is a popular digital media outlet that focuses on promising investment destinations, innovative technologies, fintech and blockchain.

The NFTs have been created by Artem Genkin, Doctor of Economics, Professor, the founder of Invest Foresight and one of the leading Russian experts on the theory of money. He is the author of the books, Monetary surrogates in Russian economy, Planet of WEB-money in the XXI century, Private money: history and modernity, and Blockchain: how it works and what awaits us tomorrow.

The NFTs are divided into series by topics. The Medicine series was the first to go on public sale via Binance. The Art series was the second.

The NFTs based on Yury Aratovsky’s cartoons are available through bidding here: Binance NFT. The auction is open to all Binance users. Binance NFT Marketplace uses the same user account system as New users will need to create an account on first.

Read more about Yury Aratovsky here: An artist with a sense of humor

This is only background information about the NFTs. This is not an advertising of digital financial assets, or a recommendation to perform any actions.

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