Novosibirsk to receive $6.2 mio for road construction

Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Andrei Travnikov has signed a document allocating a subsidy of RUR 490 mio ($6.2 mio) for the construction of new roads in the region.

The roads will improve the transport accessibility of the new ice palace; the subsidy was provided to Novosibirsk from the regional budget. The construction of roads will be part of the Safe and Quality Roads national project.

The construction of the road network as well as the renovation of existing and construction of new facilities will be completed in 2023 for the IIHF Ice Hockey World Junior Championships.

The 2018-2024 national project is aimed at increasing the number of roads that comply with federal standards from 43.1% to 50.9%. The share of such roads in cities should be increased from 42% to 85%. The project includes the adoption of 130 various standards and requirements.

Road safety is another goal of the national project. The number of traffic cameras will be increased by 211% as compared to the number of cameras in 2017. The number of traffic-related deaths should be reduced from 13 to 4 per 100K inhabitants. 

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