Pandemic caused 840-billion losses for Russian households

The expert opinion is based on analysis of the data of Russia’s regional budgets which have recorded a visible drop in collection of personal income tax. The major cause has been part-time work for many people, rather than rising unemployment. Personal income drop was most dramatic in April and May when lockdown measures were toughest.

Pavel Lisitsyn / RIAN
Pavel Lisitsyn / RIAN

According to analysts, due to authorities-imposed restrictions, 16 mio salaries totaling RUR 840 bln ($11 bln) have not been fully paid to working Russians so far. Absolute figures are highest in Moscow, Moscow Region, St Petersburg, and the Republic of Tatarstan, whereas the percentage drop is worst in the Republic of Daghestan. Least effected have been such territories as North Ossetia, Kurgan Region, Jewish Autonomous Region, Nenets and Chukotka Autonomous Areas.

The above expert assessment does not cover incomes of 13 mio officially unemployed and self-employed Russians who might have suffered the biggest losses.

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