Passport to be replaced with electronic identification

Moscow officials are preparing to test-launch the Mobile ID app that would replace a national passport, Kommersant reports.

The app will integrate personal data with biometrics. It will be the first step towards discarding material items as means of identification. The app may become available as soon as this year.

The draft government resolution that would allow using the app instead of a paper passport has been, however, removed from the legal information portal for modification.  

Before the draft resolution is presented for consideration, it will need an expert review, according to Intellectual Reserve (IQR) Partner and CEO Pavel Myasoyedov.

In the long-term perspective, the mobile app could become an alternative to a paper ID. In addition to convenience, virtual passports can be used to apply for official documents via the government services website, file a tax report, buy train and airplane tickets and more.

The digital identification could prove essential in circumstances of urgency when a person has no time or ability to visit a public office or wait in line, the expert notes.

“However, besides the obvious benefits, there are still certain risks. The biggest risk is losing data or the data being accessed by third parties,” Pavel Myasoyedov warns. “I am not just talking about data leaks. A user could lose their phone or accidentally install spyware as a game or a popular app and compromise their data. Therefore, before the Mobile ID is launched developers must address all security issues.”

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