Perm’s energy facilities to be modernized

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave instructions to modernize the largest energy facilities in the Perm Territory: the Perm Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant and Perm Central Heating and Power Plant No. 9.

The facilities were selected by the government, and the region allocated over RUR 9 bln ($136 mio) for their overhaul.

Turbine generators will be modernized at Perm Heating and Power Plant No. 9; the steam turbines and boiler units will be replaced with more powerful equipment. In all, the renovation of the heating plant will require RUR 4.4 bln.

Inter RAO Electric Power Plants will modernize the first energy unit at the Perm Regional HPP: they will replace the steam turbine and the superheater. Investments in the project will reach RUR 4.6 bln.

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