Putin: Russia is a leader in the global aerospace industry

On the first day of MAKS 2019 International Air Show in Zhukovsky, it was attended by the presidents of Russia and Turkey.

According to the presidential web page, speaking at the opening ceremony, Vladimir Putin noted “the achievements of the Russian aircraft industry and the technical capabilities of the latest-generation equipment of the Russian Aerospace Forces.” Traditional interest to MAKS, he said, is “recognition of Russia’s huge intellectual, research, technological and export potential, as well as its unique aircraft manufacturing traditions, which make Russia a leader in the global aerospace industry.”

“Among the innovations presented at this year’s air show, which will be of interest to both specialists and visitors, there are new promising developments for unmanned systems and for small and business aviation, as well as breakthrough projects in the civil aircraft industry such as the MC-21 aircraft, and the Mi-38 and Ka-62 helicopters,” he concluded.

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