Republic of Karelia to modernize pellet production

Karelskiy Okatysh, the Republic of Karelia’s major enterprise and part of the Russian steel and mining giant Severstal, will take extensive efforts in 2020 to modernize its production and boost output.

The company will also spent RUR 148 mio ($2.3 mio) to improve the quality of manufactured products and production ecology.

The enterprise specializes in mined rock, ore and pellet production.

To implement the investment program, three 90-ton dump trucks as well as two vehicles with a 220-ton capacity will be purchased. In addition, the vehicle fleet will be replenished with four tracked bulldozers, one wheeled bulldozer, and three wheel loaders.

As regards pellet production, the production line will be equipped with two grinders that mill basic material into fine fractions. Also, vacuum filters and smoke exhausts will be replaced at indurating machines.     

Efforts to improve environmental situation will include purification of water from the open pit with the use of peat, a source of natural substances. In addition, a close circuit of the tailing dump section will be launched, which will reduce water discharge.  

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