Roscosmos at MAKS 2019

Roscosmos State Corporation and its subsidiaries will present the cutting-edge developments of the Russian rocket and space industry at MAKS 2019 International Air Show, namely, the models of spacecraft and carrier rockets, projects in the sphere of Earth’s remote sensing, unique microelectronics, framework elements and innovative materials, corporate website reports.

The parent company and its subsidiaries will exhibit their products.

RSC Energia will show the Soyuz-TMA-13 descent vehicle, scale models of the International Space Station and the Soyuz transport spacecraft, as well as the models of the new generation crewed transport ship, the perspective Soyuz-5 carrier rocket and the super-heavy booster. Moreover, the visitors will have an opportunity to go for a virtual spacewalk using the special 3D spacewalking simulator.

NPO Energomash will exhibit the family of liquid-propelled rocket engines for the first, second and third booster stages and low thrust engines for spacecraft. The guests and participants will be able to see RD-171MV, RD-191 Angara family engines, RD-180 and RD-181 engine models, which are used in the first stages of Atlas 5 and Antares US rockets. The exhibition will also include the latest RD-276 engine modification used for the Proton-M booster, as well as the low thrust engines family manufactured by the NIIMash (part of Energomash) for the satellite on-orbit alignment and braking, electrical plasma engines manufactured by OKB Fakel (part of Roscosmos) used by the foreign companies as well for their satellites.

The Russian Space Systems Holding will show the National Network of High-Precision Positioning. The company’s booth will include a portal based on the Network, and the company’s representatives will tell the visitors about the cases of high-precision positioning technology implementation within the large companies and state administration organs. The Network is a project to integrate the active adjustment stations into a single system with optimized topology, development plan and the respective legal framework.

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