Russia may introduce a fee for smartphones

By the end of 2024, Russia may introduce a recycling fee for imported electronics: tablets, smartphones and video cameras. This was reported at a round table of the Federation Council Committee on economic politics. The initiative has already been supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Evgeny Podolsky / RIA Novosti

It is planned that recycling fee for electronics will work on the same system, as the same fee for imported cars, and to pursue the same goals: to provide an injection of additional funds into the budget, which will be directed to the development of domestic industries, and to cleanse the market from foreign competitors.

Industry unions propose to introduce the fee in stages: in the first year – for imported equipment, in the second year – also for domestic eqipment, but in smaller size.

“A very fruitful initiative, economist, associate professor at RANEPA Sergey Khestanov says. – The budget is replenished, and the demand for imports (prices will go up a lot) is going down and it will be easier to sell domestic phones (they say such phones have already appeared). Only pros.”

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