Russia ranked in Top 30 for premium housing price increase

Russia has been listed in the Top 30 of the countries with the fastest growing prices on premium property. Russia is even ahead of the United Kingdom and the Unites States, according to a Knight Frank research.

Knight Frank conducted a real estate market research across 56 countries in 2018. Over one year, Russia went up from the 57th place to the 26th place, Izvestia reports. The prices on elite housing in Russia increased by 4.9% while in the United States and the United Kingdom (the countries with very expensive real estate) the prices grew slower, by 4.7% and 2.5%, respectively.

Slovenia in the Balkans has the most expensive elite housing. Over one year, the cost of elite housing increased by 15%. Next come Malta with 11.8% and China with 10.7%. Experts suggest that Malta is becoming more attractive due to its citizenship program that allows investors to become citizens. The real estate with slowest growing prices is located in Israel (-2.1%) and Australia (1.9%).

Earlier, Invest Foresight reported that the United States are attracting increasingly more real estate investment thanks to the stable economic situation in the country.

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