Russia to develop world’s biggest amphibious aircraft

Credit: Vitaliy Timkiv | RIAN

Albatros, the world’ biggest amphibian to track enemy submarines, will soon be provided to Russia’s armed forces. The aircraft will also be used for rescue operations in stormy weather.

The amphibian, to be equipped with two powerful D-27 propfan engines and an in-flight refueling system, will be able to cover large distances of up to 9,300 km, more than the distance from Moscow to New York City. The aircraft will have a special radar system and a television infrared observation gear, as well as a powerful navigation system. This equipment will allow spotting enemy vessels and submarines, and using torpedoes to destroy them. Albatros will also be able to place mines to destroy enemy vessels.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense plans to purchase three amphibious aircraft, news agency reported. Specific dates for completing work on Albatros and accepting it for service have yet to be set.           

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