Russian camping becomes glamping

Russia currently has 25-30 glamping sites – luxury camping that involves accommodation and amenities. The new market has just started developing and is expected to boom in the future, Diky Dom company founder Viktor Vaganov said addressing a news conference, All-Russian Glamping Network, at the Tass information agency on April 18.  

“Today we have a total of 25-30 glamping sites in Russia; they offer different accommodation options that often include tents and small houses. I cannot voice figures indicating the new market value as we are just at the beginning”, the expert noted.   

According to him, glamping sites are created with the use of roof top tents with the service life of 15 years; the material is odorless and fire retardant. 

“We also use synthetic fabric for tents and timber strips for frame constructions. Of course, frames could be made from plastic or metal, but this would make glamping sites less comfortable”, Viktor Vaganov said. 

He added that the accommodation price at Russian glamping sites can vary between RUR 3,500 and 5,000 ($55-$78) a day. According to Vadim Mamontov, founder and general director of the RussiaDiscovery travel company, glamping sites can solve the problem of a lack of traditional camping places for tourists in wilderness areas.  

“In the United States, the glamping market will reach $1 billion by 2024. The word ‘glamping’ is becoming more popular, with over 26 million mentions found by Google”, Mamontov noted. 

“Prospects for the glamping market in Russia are vast; their development will be promoted by legislative issues related to land use that arise during construction of stationary infrastructure. The advantage of glamping sites is the opportunity to lease the land for this purpose instead of registering land ownership; also, there is no need to receive special construction permissions. Glamping sites can be used throughout the year; a site’s payback period is 2 years, and during the 3rd year it will bring profit”, Vadim Mamontov concluded. 

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