Russian engineers develop ‘third eye’ for cars

The Russian company Cognitive Technologies presented the first industrial 4D radar.

The developers are confident that thanks to this device, the capabilities of unmanned vehicles will surpass those of a human driver.

The Cognitive Technologies engineers have actually made a ‘third eye,’ which identifies the coordinates and speed of objects on the road – which regular radars can do, as well as their shape and type – which they can’t. With a third eye, the drone will no longer confuse a bridge with a wagon, or a pedestrian with a fence. This radar is able to detect and identify objects at a distance of up to 200 m, with accuracy exceeding 97%. A four-dimensional map of the road scene is modeled in one cycle.

The product’s development took four years. Combined with video cameras and proprietary data processing technology from Cognitive Technologies, the 4D radar picks up road scenes better than a human driver. Its other advantages include an affordable price – several hundred dollars – and a compact size, which means it can quickly go into mass production. The company announced plans to roll out up to 4.5 mio pieces by 2022. According to Cognitive Technologies President Olga Uskova, the company has already secured a pre-order for 200,000 radar pieces from one of the automakers. Sales will open in three countries.

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