Russian exports stable amid coronavirus pandemic

Russia has so far faced no issues regarding its exports to Europe amid the current coronavirus outbreak – yet, they might arise, President of Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergei Katyrin told Invest Foresight. Prior to the Chamber’s board meeting, Katyrin signed an agreement with the Russian Export Center.

The meeting took place in a new format, with some 50 people present and the rest attending the event via video conferencing.

The agreement is aimed at joining efforts to create an integrated system of institutions for promoting exports abroad and in Russia’s regions concerning the support of domestic companies’ non-resource exports.

The agreement also recognizes such formats of cooperation between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Russian Export Center as information exchange and  joint efforts to develop analytical materials, as well as development and promotion of legislative and regulatory initiatives.

The document assumes that the Russian Export Center will offer its products to companies to be recommended by the Chamber, and will also develop new ones. The Chamber, in turn, will provide support and supervision for enterprises that use the Center’s products.

“The Russian Export Center is seeking to effectively cooperate with the Chamber. We appreciate and feel respect for its competence and reputation, and we must develop interaction between specific logic and algorithms of our work. We very much expect the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s regional network to become our partner,” Russian Export Center General Director Veronika Nikishina said at the ceremony to sign the agreement.

As regards new realities for export trade with Europe, there have been no major changes or negative signals from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s representative offices in Europe amid the coronavirus pandemic, and all activities are conducted in a routine manner, President of Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergei Katyrin told Invest Foresight.

“All goods, including food products, are delivered to Russia’s territory on a regular basis, with no setbacks. But I suppose they could arise. We know that Europe has temporarily shut down its car manufacturing plants. As regards China, there are issues related to deliveries of component parts as plants suspended operations for a while. But now they have resumed their work in general,” Sergei Katyrin told Invest Foresight.  

By Taras Fomchenkov

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