Russians welcome higher taxes

Majority of Russians (63%) support progressive taxation in the country, with higher taxes to be applied to wealthier individuals.


Last summer, Russian President stated personal tax for people who make over RUR 5 mio ($64K) a year will be raised from the currently standard flat rate of 13% to 15% since next January.

Some economists believe this move can subsequently result in higher taxes for various groups of Russian citizens with annual income threshold going down while tax rate going up.

Supporters of a progressive taxation claim wealthy people must pay more, and their viewpoint is supported by a quarter of all respondents. Some 20% believe the step is justified due to a dramatic social inequality and a huge income gap.

Yet a quarter of all respondents oppose any tax reform whereas 11% failed to give any definite answer. The opponents of the idea state a progressive taxation is unfair towards those who work hard. Besides, Russian nationals in general do not enjoy any high incomes worth to be taxed.

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