Scammers increasingly use robots to deceive their victims

Banks have recorded an increase in fraudulent calls to their customers from robots, Kommersant writes. The share of such calls has reached 90% of all phone fraud calls.


Nine out of ten fraud schemes that rely on psychological tools use robots. The frequency of such calls has increased, and people who have the misfortune to be on scammers’ databases began to suffer more often.

Experts note that banks have actually indirectly contributed to the rise in such attacks by introducing voice assistants. Robots help increase the number of calls made and reduce the cost of a cyberattack.

Tinkoff Bank experts also believe it is easier for a robot to gain the victim’s trust. VTB notes that robots are easy to use, and that voice assistant services are now included in most office telephony service packages.

Invest Foresight previously reported that telephone scammers had killed a SOBR taskforce fighter by running him over in a car in the Leningrad Region. The criminals were detained, and a criminal investigation was initiated.

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