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State Duma suggests increasing customs duty on imported aircraft

The Russian parliament suggests increasing customs duty and other taxes for airlines that use foreign aircraft. They believe that this measure will support the Russian-made planes, including MS-21.

The initiative belongs to Chair of the State Duma Committee for Physical Fitness, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyaryov, Rambler news agency reports. According to Degtyaryov, the Eurasian Economic Commission has again extended tax concessions and relieved all who deliver western-made planes to Russia from customs duty, threatening the future of the Russian-made MS-21 jet airliner. Interestingly, the plane has not been manufactured yet: the serial production was planned for 2018 and then postponed to 2021.

In the meanwhile, deputies say that the entire fleet of Aeroflot and other Russian airlines is within the foreign jurisdiction. They believe that it is necessary to return them to Russia’s jurisdiction and increase customs duty and taxes for the entire fleet.


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