#StayHome: TalkBank Virtual Card

Lockdown, self-isolation, remote work and frequent orders and appeals to stay at home are the new reality. To support social distancing aimed at protecting each other during the pandemic, TalkBank virtual bank offers a new virtual card with full banking functionality, which can be issued and picked up online. Ordering a card without visiting the bank or meeting with a delivery person is the best solution these days not only for introverts, but also for those who take the coronavirus control measures seriously or simply value their time.

TalkBank’s new product is the only card that can be issued in no time using a messenger. All you need to do is confirm your identity remotely and start using your virtual card immediately. The innovative bank’s new card is good for both “digital hygiene,” protecting the holder’s money from scammers on the internet, and regular hygiene, helping users avoid contact with cash or plastic cards, with managers or delivery persons, avoid queues, commissions and approvals.

The virtual card is the client’s bank details using which they can do safe online shopping and protect their money. The TalkBank card provides all usual banking services: it can be added to the cashless payment app, used for safe shopping on the net and even to withdraw cash in NFC cash machines. The card is free of charge and allows for transferring money to other banks without a commission, which is quite important.

To receive the card, one needs to send a message to the chatbot in Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, VK or Facebook. Some of the banking services are available with the Alisa virtual assistant (Yandex). There is no need to visit a bank or wait for the courier to verify the customer’s identity. All communication is made through the chatbot: it will help open an account, register a new card and verity personal identity remotely. The anti-crisis card is ready several minutes after the registration. 

TalkBank is Russia’s first virtual bank with no banking offices. It offers all kinds of banking services and operates through messengers. Chatbots help clients apply for bank cards and receive them, undergo personal identification and make online transactions.

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