The State Duma approved the budget for 2024-2026

The State Duma adopted in the first reading the draft of federal budget for 2024-2026. According to the document, the main sources of funding of the state budget deficit in 2024-2026 will be public borrowing.

Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

In 2024, the budget will borrow from the NWF “for budget balance” funds in the amount of 1.3 trillion rubles, according to the website of the State Duma.

The State Duma press release notes that one of the main priorities of state budget is targeted support for families with children. About 1.6 trillion rubles are planned for provision of maternity capital, more than 482 billion rubles are planned for programs improving housing provision for families with children.

The feature of financial plan for the next year is sharp growth of both income and expenses – by 22% and 16%, respectively. The largest expenses increase is in section “National Defense” (by 68%), the share of which in all expenses will increase from 21.2% to 29.4%. Another 9.2% of the expenditure part of the budget-2024 falls on “National Security” and “Law Enforcement Activities”.

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