Unique salmon farm to open near Vologda

The Akvaprodukt fish processing company is building a salmon farm in the Vologda Region. Industrial production of salmon will employ a closed-loop water supply technology.

The project will receive around RUR 1.7 bio ($15.3 mio) in investment and will be launched within the next two years. Akvaproduct, Vologda Region Investment Agency Autonomous Non-Profit Organization and the Vologda District Administration signed a trilateral agreement regarding the project. Additionally, Akvaproduct signed a contract with AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies Ltd. (Israel), which will allow using the company’s vast experience in complex solutions for full-cycle fish farming.

“Salmon husbandry has been developing in Russia since the sanctions and countersanctions that resulted in restrictions on Norwegian fish products in the Russian market,” agricultural and food market expert Natalya Chiz notes. “Currently, availability is limited to Chilean salmon which is more pricy due to logistics issues. Russian fish culture development is hindered by the shortage of locally produced aqua feed.”

The project is expected to be launched by 2020 and will create around 50 new jobs.

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