Whiskey might be a better investment than cryptocurrency

Investing in expensive whiskies seems to be more attractive than almost all legal investment instruments: in 2018, the return on rare alcohol reached 40%.

According to the Knight Frank consultancy, whiskey was the best investment instrument for collectors. In 2018, rare whiskies outperformed cryptocurrency, which just a while ago provided head-spinning profits. An interesting example is The Macallan distillery which released a limited edition of 1,000 bottles to commemorate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. In 2011, one bottle cost $200 and reached $4K in 2019. The absolute record belongs to another Macallan bottle sold for $1.5 mio at an auction, TASS news agency writes, citing The Times.

As compared to investments in rare whiskies, coin investments look much less attractive: they gained just 12% in 2018. Investments in art grew by 9%, investment in watches and cars grew by 5% and 2%, correspondingly.

In 2017, Knight Frank said that returns on rare wine was up to 25%. Among other worthy instruments were watches, furniture, colored diamonds and even rare postage stamps.

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