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80% of Russian companies choose artificial intelligence

Most Russian companies are already using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, according to a report by the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC) and the Higher School of Economics, Digital Transformation from Theory to Practice: How Russian Businesses Use Artificial Intelligence.

The researchers involved in the Microsoft-supported study interviewed both AI experts and representatives of financial, telecom, industrial and logistics businesses. All of them cited both benefits and risks of introducing the new technology into business processes.

As many as 48% of respondents mentioned the potential shortages of personnel and equipment needed for using AI. They also noted the improper cost-benefit ratio and, of course, the extremely high cost of creating the product. At the same time, 58% of respondents said the main advantage of using AI in business is the ability to optimize business processes. AI also helps in the development of new products and services, increases productivity, and contributes to improving product quality. Overall, AI projects improve the interaction of companies with customers.

Olga Logunova, associate professor at the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design at the Higher School of Economics, said during the report presentation at RIA Novosti on Friday, March 15, that the introduction of artificial intelligence in some companies has led to significant success.

“For example, in Tinkoff Bank, bots process more than 20% of customer requests. VTB has introduced an AI-based cross-channel anti-fraud system. Machine learning and in-depth analytics was used for its development,” Logunova added.

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