Consumption of tobacco and beer grows in Russia

Beer sales showed good momentum in Russia in 2018. Trade is growing, and new segments are emerging, Olga Dashkevich, Client Director Russia at Nielsen analytical company, said at a news conference, Brewing Industry in Russia: Results of 2018, Prospects for 2019, at RIA Novosti.

According to Nielsen RMS, the share of beer and tobacco among other consumer goods sales grew in money terms in 2018 – to 8.6% from was 8.4% in 2017 (beer) and to 15% from 14.1% (tobacco products).

According to Olga Dashkevich, the positive dynamics in the beer market in 2018 was influenced by the extension of the product range, the warm weather in summer and the FIFA World Cup. As a result, beer consumption increased by 7.9% last year compared with 2017, while its average price grew by a mere 1.4%. In 2017, on the contrary, beer consumption decreased by 3.7% year on year, due to a chilly summer and the ban on selling beer in plastic containers of more than 1.5 liters.

The expert also noted that the number of available beer brands increased significantly in 2018, from 1,958 in 2017 to 2,276. Promotional beer sales grew to 51% from 40% in 2016.

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