Drive-in movie theaters to open in Russia

Credit: Maxim Bogodvid | RIAN

Karo movie theater chain, one of the largest in Russia, plans to open six drive-in theaters, according to Karo CEO Olga Zinyakova who was interviewed by RBC.

The company plans to open its first drive-in theaters in Moscow, St Petersburg and Kazan.

Apparently, the main concept behind the project is to give viewers the opportunity to watch movies on a big screen during the lockdown. Movie goers will go through a contactless check-in and park in a free spot while snack and beverages will be served by staff before a screening.

The movie theaters will show popular films of the past few years and recent releases.

“It is hard to predict whether the format proves popular among Russian viewers but if the lockdown continues drive-in theaters will certainly be in demand,” says producer Viktor Simakov. “In the long term, drive-ins will find their niche audience and bring some profit.”

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