Drivers and accountants will be replaced by robots – expert

The driver and accountant jobs will become defunct in the near future, as robots will replace humans in these occupations, CEO at the Human Capital Development Foundation Maxim Kiselyov said during the Forum Digital AI.

“Some experts predict that by 2030, robots will strip people of 2 bln jobs. Artificial intelligence will penetrate all areas of activity and will create enormous problems associated with unemployment. I believe that driver and accountant jobs will be the first to become extinct in the next 10 years because these areas are easiest to algorithmize,” the expert said.

According to him, the banking sector is also in for major layoffs in the future.

Even today, there are self-service terminals in all bank offices. Soon they will replace bank employees. Artificial intelligence does not make mistakes. Moreover, it is unemotional and never gets tired and is always nice and civil,” Maxim Kiselyov added.

He noted that robots are even trying to replace people in the field of art, but are failing yet.

Music and paintings produced by artificial intelligence are terrible,” the expert emphasized.

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