Experts fear bread price rises

Rye flour products may go up in price in 2020 due to low harvests of rye and low reserves, according to RIA Novosti.

Last year, the harvest of rye used to produce rye bread, in particular, went down to 1.4 million tones and reached the low of 1965. The reserves of this grain in Russia are traditionally low. As a result, the wholesale price of rye increased by almost 50% at the end of last year, to RUR 13K ($213) per ton.

Experts believe the prices may grow by another RUR 700 ($11) this year, resulting in more hikes in prices on products containing rye flour.

Overall, the lower rye harvests are due to reduced areas of cultivation, experts explain. This is a systematic measure in response to the shrinking domestic and foreign demand. Specifically, wheat has outdone rye in the export market.

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