Financial and technical projects compete with banks

Banks are starting to lose some of its business and give way to financial and technical projects, according to Maxim Babenko, Head of the Commercial Department at IBS DataFort, who spoke at the CNews ICT in Finances conference on February 28.

“Banks have to give way to financial and technical projects which are faster, more dynamic and diverse. Over 60% of customers today use mobile apps and need financial services here and now,” the expert noted.

He added that financial and technical startups are ready to offer a number of modern projects in this area. Maxim Babenko pointed out that the financial sector has to adapt quickly these days and there is an increasing number of new trends in the market.

“The financial market is paying more attention to customers’ interests and implementation of new technology. New solutions are constantly being developed that increase the speed of data processing. Business processes are becoming digital. Big Data-based predictive solutions are being implemented,” he said.

The financial market is paying more attention to cloud services.

“Clouds allow expanding the data significantly. Companies do not have to buy any additional equipment and later take care of its disposal. Clouds are the go-to solution for data backups and migration of data to data processing centers,” the experts concluded.

He stressed that it is one of the most promising technologies.

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