Fitness to help prevent cognitive disorders in the elderly

Cognitive Labs and Russian Academy of Fitness Innovations have joined forces to develop the world’s first fitness program that includes exercises aimed to prevent cognitive disorders in elderly people.

The efforts by Cognitive Labs, which develops methods for preserving function in the aging brain, and Russian Academy of Fitness Innovations (RAFI), which unites fitness industry specialists, have proven efficient and mutually beneficial. It is understood: according to psychologist and Cognitive Labs founder Nadezhda Yakimochkina, our brain needs regular training as much as our muscles do. Doing specific sets of exercises helps us get stronger, fitter and more enduring – and smarter as well. The implementation of the new program, called UniFly Active Aging, will begin in Europe during this spring together with partners in France and Spain.

Postponing dementia

According to the World Health Organization, the number of those who have dementia will exceed over 130 mio globally by 2050. Specialists say this disease is becoming more common in younger people, and cognitive dysfunctions may start to manifest at the early age of 30. So far, there is no cure for dementia – yet, the good news is that training your mental skills on a regular basis can postpone and even prevent the disorder.

“If you do crossword puzzles frequently you will learn to do crossword puzzles well – but you will not work more efficiently or think faster. The best way to boost your brain is doing unconventional tasks. People usually help their child’s brain develop by doing finger gymnastics, teaching them to ride a scooter and a bicycle, and showing how to jump, squat and hang from a bar. All these exercises perfectly stimulate the brain. People tend to choose new and unconventional activities less often with age – and a special fitness program for the elderly that improves cognitive functions would be more efficient than simply learning foreign words,” Yakimochkina says.

The key thing is to pay timely attention to this issue and begin taking care not only of your body but of your brain as well. Doctors say that prevention is easier than cure – and this fully applies to dementia, memory loss and other cognitive disorders.          

By Natalia Sysoyeva

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