FM: Russia-EU trade is much less than in 2013


Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had a meeting with the Association of European Business in the Russian Federation, website of the Foreign Ministry reported, citing the Minister as saying, “Dialogue with business from the European countries has become a good tradition.”

According to Lavrov, “Business circles are tired of the sanctions and of confrontation and are interested in resuming full cooperation.”

“Trade between Russia and the EU has increased for the second year running. Last year it increased 20% to almost $300 bln. This is certainly much less than the record $440 bln in 2013,” the Minister said.

Speaking about the Eurasian Economic Union, he noted, “The EAEU’s aggregate GDP is about $2 trln and the total number of consumers exceeds 183 mio. The success of this integration effort is reflected not only in the growth of trade but also in the expansion of its foreign economic contacts – over 40 states and associations are working to sign trade liberalization agreements with the EAEU.”

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