Haval to build engine plant worth RUR 17.75 bln in Tula Region

Haval Motor Manufacturing Rus (Haval), the Russian subsidiary of China’s automobile manufacturer Great Wall, plans to build an engine plant in the Tula Region with a total investment of RUR 17.75 bln ($266 mio).

Design works for the new plant will begin in March 2020. Due to the opening of the plant, Haval will improve the localization of crossover manufacturing for the Russian market and create over 300 jobs.

In 2020, Haval plans to increase the number of cars manufactured at the Tula plant by 6.7 times – to 20K.

According to the Association of European Businesses, Haval’s sales in Russia in 2019 grew by 282% and reached 12,300 cars.

In June 2019, Great Wall opened a plant to manufacture three Haval crossover modifications (H9, F7 and F7x coupe-crossover) in the Uzlovaya special economic zone in the Tula Region. Total investment in the project reached $500 mio. The plant’s annual capacity is some 70K cars per year.

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