Healthcare national project can save 230,000 lives

The Healthcare national project will help to save 230,000 lives by 2024, according to David Melik-Guseinov, Head of the Healthcare Ministry’s Project Department, who spoke on February 19 at the conference “Trends in project management in Russia and abroad” at the Financial University under the Russian Government.

Melik-Guseinov said that last year the national project helped to save 6,600 Russians. This indicator must be increased 40 times by 2024 and reach 230,000 saved lives.

“There are project offices operating for this purpose. Unfortunately, most of the regions are trying to reach federal indicators although each region has its own specifics. For example, average life expectancy in Moscow is 77 years while in Kurgan it is 70 years. Therefore, each region must build its own system of project offices to solve their tasks.”

He added that Russia has a total of eight federal projects and the Healthcare national project will receive a total of 1.7 tio rubles ($25.8 bio).

“Some RUR969 mio ($14.7 mio) of this money will be spent on cancer prevention and treatment; RUR166 mio ($2.5 mio) will be spent on human resources and RUR211 mio ($3.2 mio) on children’s healthcare, RUR200K ($3K) on developing medical services export,” David Melik-Guseinov said.

He added that the funds will allow achieving all set performance indicators.

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