Humanity is facing digital autism – expert

Modern people are too dependent on digital content, a tendency fraught with future intellectual degradation, according to Andrei Kurpatov who heads the neuroscience and human behavior lab at Sberbank.

In the future, excessive consumption of digital content will lead to segregation between the smart and the stupid, Andrei Kurpatov said. People consuming such content nonstop have their brain’s central-executive network constantly activated. This happens because the part of their brain responsible for thinking remains inactive. The brain effectively hibernates, the expert explained. That is why people who spend all their time on social media become reluctant to think.

Modern children are addicted to the internet, Kurpatov emphasized. According to his research, 40% of children under 10 are constantly online. Teenagers are even more dedicated users: 70% of young people are constantly online, TASS reports.

According to Kurpatov, this trend will lead to widespread digital autism in the future – a condition when young people cannot maintain psychological contact for a long time.

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