KAMAZ starts manufacturing new gas-powered vehicles

KAMAZ truck manufacturer delivered the first batch of new KAMAZ-5490 NEO truck tractors running on liquefied natural gas with two cryotanks, to a major largest Russian transport company. By the end of November, KAMAZ, according to its corporate website, will supply a total of 300 KAMAZ-5490 NEO gas-powered vehicles to ITECO logistics company.


Production of a new modification of the popular truck on the Russian market started last February. ITECO will be the first company to receive such a large batch of KAMAZ gas-powered tractors with two cryogenic tanks. This model is relevant for the well-known Russian cargo carrier, since ITECO cares about environmental protection and has a program to increase the number of gas-powered vehicles. In addition to environmental friendliness, the main advantage of liquefied gas as an alternative fuel is its efficiency, which is especially important for carriers in a situation of rising diesel fuel prices and in case of high vehicle mileage. Operating a gas-powered KAMAZ-5490 truck can help saving up to RUR 1,400K ($17.4K) a year.

In the commercial road transport segment, the efficiency of vehicle use is important, so our engineers are implementing advanced technologies to reduce the total cost of a truck operation and meet the most demanding consumer needs. The order for 300 KAMAZ gas-powered vehicles evidences that vehicles of this kind are in demand among logistics operators and that investment will pay off,” Rustam Shamsutdinov, Deputy CEO for sales and service, said. “For many years, ITECO has been one of our corporate clients, having received the status of a major operator of KAMAZ vehicles. It is no coincidence that ITECO drivers are among the first to receive new products from our company for test operation. It is gratifying that Russia’s largest car carrier relies on a domestic manufacturer and actively replenishes its fleet with new-generation KAMAZ vehicles, while making a significant contribution to the preservation of the environment”.

Performance of the new model is in no way inferior to the diesel counterparts. It is equipped with an efficient gas engine Weichai (Euro-5), a manual 16-speed gearbox ZF, and can travel with full tanks for up to 1,400 km.

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