No grounds for concern – PM

The current pandemic has slowed down Russia’s economic growth, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said in an interview to Rossiya 24 television channel. “It reduced the revenues of the budgets at all levels and has affected a great many people as well as companies and various establishments,” he noted. “As for our reserves, I would like to assure everyone that our macroeconomic stability and the revenues previously collected by the budgets at all levels allow us to feel comfortable and stable. I believe that we will have at least RUR 8 tln ($112 bln) in the National Wealth Fund by the end of the year. Our gold and currency reserves remain stable; they are currently worth more than $570 bln. So, there are no grounds for concern; we have enough funds to finance all the strategic national goals, as well as the national projects.”

As Mishustin specifically pointed out, “Domestic tourism is a very important field. We need investments in the infrastructure, roads and utility lines so that we have all the holiday comforts that we need, such as gas and running water. We are also trying to come up with ways of making air and rail tickets more affordable.”

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