No pay boost expected in 2019

Credit: Vladimir Trefilov | RIAN

Russians should not expect any pay raise in 2019. Most employers said they do not plan to adjust wages for inflation.

Fifty-six percent of employers believe there is no need to raise wages in 2019, according to a survey conducted by Only 18% companies will increase salaries next year, TASS reports. Twenty-six percent of the companies did not know whether employees should wait for an adjustment for inflation. The survey was conducted this December and involved 655 companies.

Earlier, Hays, an international recruitment company, carried out a research about Russians’ wage expectations in 2018. The research found that 33% Russians expect a 5% to 10% raise. Eleven to twenty percent employees believe that their salary may increase by 20% while 14% Russians expect a raise of over 20%. At the same time, 31% respondents said that their wage will remain at the same level. Two percent said their wage will go down. The research involved 4,777 employees and 367 employers.

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